Video production for
Anglo Arabian Healthcare

A campaign based video to raise awareness about the importance of self examinations to beat breast cancer.

The Requirement

To produce a HD quality video and actively seek out people willing to be part of the video. Random individuals willing to talk about self breast examinations on a video that will be shared on the internet is not easy to find! Also, shoot Dr. Dolores Kent, a specialist Gynaecologist talking about the procedure of self examinations.

The Solution

A well designed, scripted and executed video shoot in a single day followed by post production and the addition of motion graphics that added value to the video. A single day shoot ensured the team was on ground and active in a single lighting condition.

Testimonial Anglo Arabian Healthcare

"There is a lot more we could have done, but atleast this is a start toward something we believe in. Conceptualize is supporting us in this initiative and a big thank's to them."

What we did

Content Creation, Video Production

Conceptualize worked with the team of Anglo Arabian Healthcare to brainstorm and script the content of the video. A team dedicated to video production then converted the scripted concept to a real live shoot and finally editted the video, lighting conditions and added in the required graphics to produce the final video – just under 3 mins!

Watch what we produced, and make sure you share it the ones you care about.