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Adopt the right strategies to make your website stand ahead

A website contributes to being the online representation of your business. You can be accessible to your potential audience 24*7, you will be able to offer a plethora of information about different products and services of your business.

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strategies to make your website stand out in dubai

A website contributes to being the online representation of your business. You can be accessible to your potential audience 24*7, you will be able to offer a plethora of information about different products and services of your business.

In the digital age, people rely on the internet primarily to find more information about the different products and services they require. Over 86% of urban consumers that buy a product in retail stores have researched it online first. Today, buying decisions for a product or a service depends on how a business represents itself digitally – not just on their website but on social media, search engines, online news channels … etc

So, if you are a business owner – and you hand over your business card (if that is still something you do) to someone you want to do business with – there is a 4 in a 1 chance that they will first check the website printed on your card… and it takes less than 10 seconds to decide if they are interested in doing business with you based on how you represent yourself online. If you currently own an office – then think about how would a potential client feel when they walk into your office. How would this potential client judge you if there was broken furniture, no air conditioning, paint falling off the walls and a weird smell all around. Yeah .. thats your your website is when there is no attention to detail about content, images and design.

If you have a website, you need to make sure that the website has a professional design which helps in standing ahead of the competitor. A good website design plays an indispensable role in luring the targeted audience towards the business in no time. Here are some of the top reasons why your website needs to be designed professionally;

Stand ahead of the competitors

Does your competition have a better looking and highly functional website? If the answer is yes – well you are already behind in the game. You can either wait for your competition to make an improvement and simply follow – or be progressive and adopt change first. Investing in change will bring about an improvement – thus, you will notice a boost in the return on investment of your business in no time.

The value of content

Good content plays an indispensable role in setting your website out of the ordinary in the crowd. You can deliver the right message into the minds and hearts of the customers via good content.

If a website is designed with content first, it will actually look good too. It has been a common practice to design the website first and then create content that can somehow fit that design. However, the true method is to actually create the content and copy first and then design is based on what you have.

The success of a website is determined mainly via good content. You should conduct a thorough research prior to writing content for the website. You need to define the personality of your site in addition to determining high-value customers. Relevant, clear and unique content plays an indispensable role in enhancing the brand value of your website.

A tool for marketing

Your bespoke designed website will act as your inbound marketing tool. When you create content for marketing and lead generation and when combined with great branded design, the value of your website will simply be extraordinary. Inbound marketing is partly about the creation of content – and partly about the distribution of content. You should also give equal weight to advertising to let your customers know about the products and services of your business – either on social media or search engine advertising.

Concentrate on mobile

Speaking about the design of the website, you should make sure that the website has a responsive or a mobile friendly design. It’s 2017 – and to think of any website that is not mobile friendly would be inviting trouble. Wait .. is your website mobile optimized? If note – you are are risk of not appearing in mobile search results on Google.


Your website is essentially an asset of your business – invest in it. You can draw a wide number of the potential audience towards your business via a website. However, a professional and bespoke design is certainly not the end of it.

You need to focus on different other aspects which are inclusive of content, functionality, marketing and social in order to stand out of the ordinary and drive business. Depending on the nature of your business, you may also want to consider email automation, lead tracking and remarketing. Conceptualize is a full service digital agency based in Dubai and we help our clients achieve the ROI on their investment – we love design and we give it equal importance as we do to marketing.

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