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Capitalize on your social media efforts with Instagram

No matter what the business, there is still a way to use a tool that allows you to convey a story in the form of pictures. Instagram as one of the most visually appealing platforms on the web.

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Instagram as one of the most visually appealing platforms on the web. It all started out as an app for photography, but it appeals to just about everyone now. In 2015 we wrote a post about How can Instagram fuel your brand’s recognition. However, from the standpoint of most ROI-focused brands, Instagram has proven nonessential at best. This is why we were really excited when Instagram announced that shopping within the app will be possible soon.

The Shop Now button

In early November 2016, Instagram announced it would be adding a Shop Now button, where brands can link checkout carts to their products displayed in posts. Although still not in production yet, the feature is being test with a few ecommerce brands in the US – brands like Warby Parker and JackThreads. More than 84% of smartphone users in the US browse, research or compare products via a web browser or mobile app. Buying decision is heavily influenced by social media. Thus, it seems logical that brands would funnel in more money into social media if they had the ability to directly link to a product for instant conversion.

We are eagerly awaiting the launch of this feature in the mainstream app and will keep you posted.

Instagram stories

Selling is not easy. It takes time, explanation, the power of convincing, showcasing the value behind the purchase and contemplation. It takes a lot for a consumer to trust the seller.

Enter’s Instagram stories – the feature that is quite similar to Snapchat. The power of creating context out of content is where brands get to capitalize the most on. Not only can you now sell a product or service, but all explain the story behind it. Now, Instagrammers are able to connect with audiences on a much deeper level.

Links Within Instagram Stories

Not only will Instagrammers be able to create Snapchat-like intimacy with their followers, they’ll also be able to promote and share content via sharing links.

Imagine, if you are an Ecommerce shop promoting your newest product on Instagram, you could use Stories, showcase your product, explain the reasons to buy it, then link up the checkout page so your users can purchase it right then and there.

We would be speaking out heart out if we said, you’ll be able to host your own mini-webinar using only your smartphone.


Although the above points have all been about features, the most important and effective one, that can term Instagram as a powerful Ecommerce tool, would be this; .

Concision is the art and practice of minimizing words used to convey an idea. It aims to make communication more effective by eliminating redundancy without omitting important information.

Instagram is completely visual. It is free from clutter. With only 87 characters before the Read More option appear in the caption, it leave it upto the user to interpret the highly-visual content for themselves.

Instagram is a platform completely focused on mobile. On your smartphone, you can’t have 20 tabs open at once. On your smartphone, you can’t split-screen with two monitors. On your smartphone, it is just you alone with a single screen. It’s a much less distracting, almost intimate experience when compared to desktop.

So Instagram has done the one thing that is perhaps the reason behind it’s success; it has forced you to create a visually appealing story… and a picture speaks a 1,000 words.


At Conceptualize, we help businesses with their social media strategy and creating content for your social channels.

Are you using Instagram? No matter what the business, there is still a way to use a tool that allows you to convey a story in the form of pictures. Taking a step back and looking at the big picture would be extremely beneficial for anyone who utilizes social media for their business. If Instagram continues on this trajectory, it has the opportunity to become the a great selling tool.

We are eager to hear what you think about it.

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