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How Important is UX in the Design Process for a Startup

User experience relates to how an individual feels while interacting with a system. Could be a website, web or mobile app, cloud or desktop software …

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The pace at which startups are growing with innovative ideas, design remains at the heart of user experience.

User Experience Defined

User experience relates to how an individual feels while interacting with a system. By system, we mean, website, web or mobile application, cloud or desktop software or any other kind of interaction that a human has with digital devices.

UX Design refers to the methods deployed to ensure the website or any other online interface is specifically designed for its target audience. The job of a UX designer is to make this interaction memorable for the target audience. In the startup environment, this becomes all the more important to attract the right kind of users and provide them with great experience on the website.

Importance of User Experience

For a young company or a startup, user experience plays an important role as they do not necessarily have the credibility to back what they are doing purely based on the fact that they are new in the market. In most cases, the right UX approach would help firms working on smaller budgets embrace fast growth.

The fact of the matter is that users decide within a few seconds of landing on to the website or an app and thus, grabbing their attention instantly and keeping them interested is critical. The user experience is important because it attempts to address the needs of your prospects.

User Experience and the Design Process

It is not difficult to understand that the user’s are at the center of the entire design process. The first essential factor is to know what emotions you want your users to go through while they are on your website or online portal. In other words, it is the “WHY” of the business that you are addressing.

Once you identify the emotional connect that you are trying to have with your users, the contents should reflect the emotions that you want your users to go through.

The Flow of Design Process

Against the traditional process of design which includes AIDA model, a unique model that is Ethos, Pathos, Logos developed by Aristotle (Greek Philosopher) works best when it comes to persuading your users to make a decision in your favor.


Ethos refers to establishing credibility of your business and the team to convince the user that you are capable of delivering what you promise. It includes using the language that your users are most comfortable with and making yourself fair an unbiased in what you are offering.


As discussed above, provoking the right emotions in your users is of utmost importance. Influence your users emotionally and they will be able to relate with you on emotional grounds as well.


Logic, the reason why your users believe in you. You will need to bring in the element of logic for your users to choose your products or services over your competitors.

Before Going Live

Profile your users: Identify the human characteristics of your users including location, age, gender, buying patterns, lifestyle etc. The purpose here is to hypothetically define your users’ persona creating to understand their buying journey.

User flow map: Profiling your users would help identify how your users would move through the website, application or portal. You can use some of the tools such as mouseflow or heatmaps to see how your users move on your online portal.

Prototypes: Based on the profiles and flow diagram, create two to three prototypes of the wireframes and see which one proves to be the most effective and then implement. You might also want to have some dummy users matching your real user personas and do A/B testing of your design flow to measure effectiveness.

Validate: Based on your A/B testing of the design, you can validate which design flow works best for your users and then implement it on your website or online portal.

Constant Improvement of Your Design Process

UX design is a constantly evolving process. You need to keep tracking the effectiveness of your UX Design using tracking tools and goals to constantly improve your design. It goes hand in hand with your content flow as well for which the effectiveness of the contents should be measured on a constant basis.

… in the end

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