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How to multiply your content marketing efforts.

Good content is king. It’s becoming more and more important in the world of marketing, because it can feature so many other forms of marketing at the same time. In fact, working other forms of marketing into your content strategy can help you multiply your efforts.

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Back in November 2015, we wrote a post about what is content marketing, and how can it help your business. Here is the next post in the series of content marketing for the digital age today.

Good content is king. It’s becoming more and more important in the world of marketing, because it can feature so many other forms of marketing at the same time. In fact, working other forms of marketing into your content strategy can help you multiply your efforts.

It’s not all about only writing blog posts. There are lots of different options out there to involve yourself in, and here’s how you can use them effectively and efficiently.

Start Producing More Videos

The first place many people start is video. YouTube offers a free platform to post videos and reach hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people. In fact, 59% of executives prefer video over written content.

Rather than write a blog post, you can speak the words to your audience. You can even add your video to a blog post to reiterate, expand on or repeat your points. The benefit of this is that you draw people in with your personality and style much easier than writing. It’s also easier for people to listen to something rather than on focus reading content. Video production doesn’t even need to cost a lot to get started. Individuals opt for webcams on their computers or use their phone cameras initially, and then move onto more expensive equipment.

There are different types of videos to use in your content marketing strategy. Interviews with others are popular, but you could also do a review of a product or share your tips in a short clip.

As a digital web agency based in dubai, we consult with our client and suggest the use of video for content marketing. Our preferred partner in Dubai is Ti22 Films (who is also our client). Ti22 Films produces unique and compelling films, videos and commercials for corporations, businesses, agencies and broadcasters – they also offer great solutions for online and social media video content.

Concentrate on photography

We also a wrote a post about how Instagram can fuel your brand value. With the rise of platforms such as these, there is no doubt that images play an important role in communicating information to your audience.

Creating an image is great, but as a business you should put some real faces to your business. Showcase the culture of your work environment, showcase your projects, provide detailed pictures of your products and get creative with it – these are just some of the ideas on how you can create content with images and photo’s.

Researchers found that colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%. (source from Hubspot, originally posted here). 46% of marketers say photography is critical to their current marketing and storytelling strategies.

Based on such facts, we cannot ignore the fact that photography plays an important role in our content marketing strategy. As a dubai digital agency, we recommend the use of our partners Digitally for photography. Digitally specializes in event coverage and commercial photography and has a presence in three countries.

at the end, blogging is equally important

Now don’t get us wrong, blogging is equally important. Video and photography are better ways of getting your message out there, especially with the overwhelming use of social media. However, text based content still remains the number one source of getting found in search engines.

Blogging is more of an art, a talent and must be used effectively to generate inbound traffic. When combined with keyword research, it can be a powerful way to attract an audience that is your target market.

As a business or a brand, always concentrate on creating quality blog articles that add value to your audience by providing useful knowledge. When we build website’s for our clients – we talk about content first. We recommend the use of a blog to boost visibility. As a business – especially an SME, it may not be possible to always generate new content while trying to work out all the other things that go about in your business.

That is when we recommend Karen Osman, founder of Travel Ink. Karen has a B.A. in Linguistics and English Language from the University of Durham and is a great content writer. She along with her team at Travel Ink are creating some well articulated content – including monthly retainer packages for corporate blogging content.


This is not the end in our series of content marketing. There is still more to come, so stay tuned. In the end, it is fair to state that today, content is a combination of video, photography and text. Hence, concentrate on creating Good Content using all of these.

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