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So, you want to redesign your website? Explore the 5 fingers of website redesigning.

So you’ve decided to redesign your website. That is a good step; keeping your site fresh and up to date with modern trends and changes is imperative for a successful brand. Hence here are the “5 fingers of website redesigning” you need to keep in mind.

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So you’ve decided to redesign your website. That is a good step; keeping your site fresh and up to date with modern trends and changes is imperative for a successful brand. Technology changes often, and you need to keep up with it. Why? well because your target audience is.

Hence here are the “5 fingers of website redesigning” you need to keep in mind. Let us explore what these are;

Analyze and design

If this is a redesign, it means you had a website before this. Let’s be optimistic and assume there was some sort of data collected on how visitors and users view your website. If you don’t have any data yet, then drop everything you are doing and get Google Analytics added on your website.

All too often, designers are guilty of designing beautiful websites without consistently monitoring their performance. Of course it would be easier to just design a site and let it be, but monitoring your sites and improving problem areas are key if you want to attract and maintain visitors; and isn’t that the whole point of your website anyway?

Analytics are vital to understanding your audience and your website’s performance. So always remember to analyze results, design and build according to your analytics.

At Conceptualize, we combine creative solutions with usable code to create a unique online experience.

SEO, from day one

You need to keep this at utmost importance from the first day of your website redesigning process. A quick glance into SEO (search engine optimization): the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results – often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results.

Design and code your website to deliver information to your target audience who are visually viewing it, but also keep in mind that there are robots out there – a.k.a the bots of Google, Bing, Yahoo …etc that are also viewing your website. The difference between a user and a bot is that the latter does not care about the design. It looks at content and structure.

So make sure you plan, strategize and consider this when you are redesigning your website.

Make it a story, let the brand speak

A design needs to represent the brand message. Content is just content unless you instill values into it that talk about passion behind your brand. Talk about your brand as a story. Make it personal so the customers feel like they’re talking directly to you and not reading a sales report, because people buy from people.

Hence while you are considering redesigning your website, think about content first. At Conceptualize, we create some great content for brands and their website’s

Give it a unique personality

Why do you have a website? To provide information, attract business and retain existing customers. That means your website is a sales tool; a sales & marketing entity. The question – is it selling for you? According to Harvard Business Review, the ability to feel and the need to conquer, amongst many, are the essentials to make a good salesperson.

So let’s give your website a bit of personality with a bespoke design that represents your brand. Let it connect with your consumers so it may feel what they do and provide information that they need. Let it have the need to conquer and collect information from visitors that can convert leads to customers.

Let it work on a mobile

Last but most definitely not the least, make your website mobile friendly. It’s 2015 & research shows that by 2017 over 69% of all traffic will be from a mobile device. It’s quick, handy & smooth. That’s exactly how your website should be too; a mobile friendly website that is optimized for speed, usability and delivering a smooth experience.

Moreover, if you still don’t know about it, Google will not be listing websites in their mobile search results if it’s not mobile friendly. Read all about it in our post from back in April 2015.


Keeping all of the above 5 fingers in mind when redesigning your website will provide you with a fist strong enough to breakthrough to your selected target market with utmost ease and achieve your business goals for the future ahead.

To learn more about how Conceptualize can help you in redesigning your website, get in touch with us today and we can chat more about it over a cup of coffee!

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