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Social media; How important is it for your business?

In a recent study published by Hubspot, 84% of marketers have found that donating just six hours a week to generate increased traffic over social media can give you roughly the same results as paid advertising.

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When it comes to the future longevity of your business & marketing your products, there is perhaps no more valuable marketing tactic in today’s digital age than social media.

To most entrepreneur’s social media marketing has become the next big thing in advertising and because it is extremely reasonable, as well as very new social media marketing has become a hot commodity throughout marketing communities internationally. When it comes to determining its value, ultimately is important to note that you can see benefits regardless of the industry that you work in simply by spending a bit of your time or advertising budget catering to social media advertising across networks like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Here are some of the top benefits that you can see as a business from social media marketing;

Better brand recognition

Establishing a web presence for your brand is extremely important. With the help of social media marketing you can increase the visibility and increase your value by connecting with an online marketplace of people. Even something as simple as your logo in somebody’s newsfeed or Twitter list could influence a purchase or generate an interest about new products that you have.

Increase brand loyalty

Customers are much more apt to trust in a company that makes themselves available on social media. This is because more and more consumers are now reaching out to companies across social media to fulfill customer service complaints, to connect about new products and to get better acquainted with some of the people working at a company. If consumers can feel closer to a company and connect with the company more easily they are much more likely to purchase products and show their brand loyalty.

High conversion rates

Social media marketing features higher conversion rates for advertising because the advertising is much more ‘humanizing’. By interacting through social media channels, and across multiple networks, brands begin to act more like people. This humanizing element results in a 100% higher lead to close rate over other marketing tactics like outbound marketing. This means that regular social media marketing tactics to not only boost your traffic but also improve overall conversion rates.

Decreasing your costs

In a recent study published by Hubspot, 84% of marketers have found that donating just six hours a week to generate increased traffic over social media can give you roughly the same results as paid advertising through Google, or the social media sites directly. This means that if you are willing to spend just one hour a day, six days a week optimizing your social media strategy and producing new content for social media, you can make a real impact without even having to pay for advertising. Paying for advertising across social media or getting help with your social media strategy from a professional marketer is also relatively inexpensive when compared to other types of advertising.

Capturing better search engine results

Most of the content that you post across social media accounts is regularly indexed by Google and other search engines. As a result you can update your company blog, your company social media accounts and more and see better search engine ratings for your main website. Better search engine ratings for your website could put you ahead of your competition, ensure more visitors to your product pages and more sales overall. (Pssst… Did you know Conceptualize offers professional management of your social channels? Learn more about our services for social media.)


With the following advantages and more we can see just how important social media marketing is for businesses in today’s digital advertising realm. If your company hasn’t yet adopted a social media strategy it’s very important that you enter this market quickly while social media remains such a high converting format for marketing online.


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