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Video Marketing – The most successful method of Content Marketing

Video marketing is an extended part of article marketing. With the conventional content marketing strategies becoming monotonous and plodding, video marketing has revolutionized the entire concept by changing the game itself.

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Without any doubt, Video Marketing is the most popular and the most successful form of Content Marketing today. It is the newest form of content marketing wherein companies, organizations or businesses create short videos of 2-3 minutes in duration and release them on the internet to spread awareness about the company itself. Video as small as 60 seconds are used on Instagram within the feed of an account and the most popular elevator pitch for startups is to create a short 30 second video to explain their product. Video – is the most easiest form of visual communication.

These videos are based completely on articles and data from different sources and are compiled and embedded in a video with diverse visual effects and decorations to attract customers and get their message across in an interesting way. This form of video is usually referred to as Motion Graphics.

After these videos are made, they are shared on various social media and video sharing sites like Facebook, YouTube, etc. so that it can spread and reach the entire population. These videos focus on specific attributes of the companies or on particular topics and highlight the benefits of the company’s services and facilities. Creating content meant for distribution forms part of inbound marketing strategies.

How does Video Marketing takes an upper hand when it comes to Content Marketing?

Video marketing or Article Video Marketing is an extended part of Article marketing. With the conventional content marketing strategies becoming monotonous and plodding, video marketing has revolutionized the entire concept by changing the entire market game itself.

People find animations, visual effects and décor more attractive and as a result, are automatically drawn to invest more of their time in a video with visual treat than in a long, descriptive and unexciting article.

Statistics that prove that Video Marketing has surpassed Conventional Marketing Practices

When words fail to explain, statistics put emphasis and a little bit of truth in the facts. There is no doubt that Video Marketing is by far more popular than its preceding forms of marketing. However, there is statistical data to back these facts up and they are as follows:

  1. More than 80% of web traffic on social media is diverted towards and consumed by videos.
  2. Conversion rates can be increased by a whopping 80% by embedding videos in those landing pages.
  3. According to reports, 90% of potential customers are inclined to view a product when there is a video describing the product and its features.
  4. Statistical data from YouTube suggests that every year, there is a 100% growth rate in mobile video consumption.
  5. The percentage of customers who might be willing to buy a certain product after watching a video of it or its review is 64%.
  6. If a unit of time is spent by people online, then one-third of that unit of time is dedicated to watching videos on the internet.
  7. Data says that 59% of company decision makers would much rather watch a video than spend that time reading up blogs and articles. (Psst … yes, we do plan to start a video series ourselves)
  8. One minute of a video is equivalently worth to 1.8 million words, says James McQuivey, Digital Marketing Expert. It is an estimate… and a bit of a hilarious theory, but worth giving it some attention!
  9. Video ads account for over 35% of the total spending on advertisements online.
  10. Leading online marketers use videos in their marketing strategies. The percentage of marketers who use that is 87%.

Video Marketing is extremely efficient and effective as it can keep the viewers hooked until the very end using various visual effects. This can prove to be extremely essential. Another positive aspect of Video Marketing is that it embeds the ideas and the messages in the minds of the consumers before they even realize that.


It’s time to start now if you are not investing in video already. Yes, producing a video is not cheap – it involves scripting, shooting, editing an post production effects among many things. A motion graphic video takes time to detail out and animate too. However, all things said and done – it’s worth the investment, the statistics above prove it. At Conceptualize, we help in creating impactful video with a creative marketing message. Get in touch with us if you are looking for quality video production in Dubai.


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