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Web Design Trends for Tomorrow – Major Trends for 2017

The elements of web design have been constantly revamped. New elements are introduced every now and then in order to make a website more presentable and appealing to visitors or customers.

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The elements of web design have been constantly revamped. New elements are introduced every now and then in order to make a website more presentable and appealing to visitors or customers. It also includes various kinds of complicated areas of work like search engine optimization, propriety software, web design (graphic), authoring, interface designing, using and implementing standardized codes and user experience design.

Web Design usually focuses on the front-end or the customers view of the website. It coincides with the concept of web engineering in the light of web development. There are teams of workers who are either hired or are integral parts of the company or the website, who focus on different aspects of the website. Sometimes an individual or one team can cover all the areas of web design.

Web design upcoming trends in 2017

Bold fonts

Less is more! This phrase applies best for websites, their content and their capacities to draw viewers. Keeping the message straight, simple and bold has worked like magic for many companies and websites. Nothing grabs the attention of viewers like big, bold font expressing the objective or motive of the company or the website in a short and concise manner.

A great example is our own website! The one you are reading this blog post on. We at Conceptualize design and develop creative websites with a strong emphasis on typography.

Rise of cinemagraphs

Actions speak louder than words! The fact that GIFs and other short forms of videos run smoothly and in a continuous manner is nothing new. This has become a really popular way of spreading messages today because nothing is more appealing than visual effects and moving pictures. These add visual interests to otherwise static pages because let’s face it, nobody would prefer reading articles to visual descriptions

Experimenting with looks

The stereotypical web designs have gone out of fashion. It is time to bring something new to it and add a different flavour. Experimenting with the looks and designs of a web page can really prove to be beneficial. Most of what we choose or like is based on what we see so a completely different design that has never been seen before is always the first choice for viewers.

Bringing back gradients

Colorful and bright gradients are becoming popular again. The simplicity and elegance is a treat for the eyes. For example, kaleidoscopic gradients seem to be making a huge comeback in the web design market.

Who doesn’t like a bright and colorful webpage? A colorful palette instils a happy feeling in the viewer’s mind and they automatically prefer the website. It is given that a shady and shabbily designed website is less likely to draw more traffic than a colorful one.

Check out for some of the best gradient design inspirations.

Direct and straight forward text

Being direct and to-the-point has its benefits! Customers and viewers get tired of reading the same lines and messages repeated and presented in a different way. They want it short, simple and direct. That makes it comprehensive and the readers take away a lot more from it.

While we want extras, it’s not always desirable. Web designers and developers are working to lose the extras in a website and make the approach of the website itself, direct.

A good designer is not one that can add more, but knows when there is nothing left to remove


A trend that really might steal the market is duotone. It looks classy, simple and elegant. The two-tone colors bring a cool factor into the look or theme and add a more contemporary look to it.


2017 is looking quite promising when it comes to web design. Saying that minimalism will draw to an end might be a bit over the top, but we are sure that it’s undergoing some changes and that it’s evolving.

There are hundreds of ‘trends’ going on in any creativity industry at any one time, and it’s hard to pin-point every single one, but we believe that the above are some of the more core ones to be focusing on in 2017 and beyond.

As with all trends, the above points have come about for good reason; as creatives and clever-thinkers across the globe have all learnt and borrowed from one another to form similar patterns which we see emerge online today. Not all of these trends may be relevant to you and your content, but it’s always beneficial to know what’s happening in the industry and to see where you’re able to improve in order to develop and progress.

At Conceptualize, we design and develop websites with a deep sense of user experience and creative thinking.

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