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What do UX and UI have in common with the human body?

UX & UI are different, but they work together to support the same goals. In web design, they can’t really exist without one another. As a digital agency in Dubai we provide detailed UX & wire-framing services.

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UX and UI have in common. UX dubai, user experience dubai

UX and UI are similar yet very different aspects of web design and development, and we like to think of the human body as a great way to compare the roles of UX and UI in web design.

The explanation of User Experience

For instance UX, or user experience design, represents the more technical and core support system of web design development. It is the though process behind how things will function. 7 out of 10 people think that UX is a design process. It’s not actually! – it’s a more technical thought driven process. The objective is to make things beautiful keeping functionality in mind.

So in a way, UX depends a lot on how code is written and how well the interface reacts to the user. In our opinion, UX a.k.a user experience has a lot to do with coding in the world of web design, whereas in the human body, this might mean bones, muscles, tissues, and organs.

The explanation of User Interface

UI, on the other hand, is user interface design, and it’s specifically for the visual pleasure of those viewing it. UI entails graphic design, ranging from colors, typography and images and all the other content you see. So – here is where things start to look beautiful and pretty. The world of web design the UI is what the end user actually sees on the screen or device. In the human body, this would translate to skin, hair, nails, facial features, and all the other features that we like to see.

Hence… what does this mean?

As you can see, UX and UI are different, but they work together to support the same goals. They can’t really exist without one another, and together, they accomplish so much. UX acts just as the behind-the-scenes elements in the body to support the beautiful allure of UI.

As a premium digital agency in dubai, we at Conceptualize provide a detailed UX study and wireframing service for all our work. We like to get the functionality and experience right before moving on to the look and feel.

Get in touch with us today if you think that the user experience of your website is not working out for your business.

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