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What is Inbound Marketing, and why it can benefit your Sales Pipeline

Inbound is a subtle art of making sure your potential customers find the information they are looking for, find it interesting and are then inclined to take an action to get in touch with you.

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Let’s start with the obvious, What is Inbound Marketing all about?

Inbound marketing refers to the techniques deployed to pull customer’s attention towards the company and the offerings. It’s like standing with a magnet and attracting the right customer rather than shouting in a speakerphone. Some of the popular methods used for inbound marketing include content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media maximization (SMM), newsletters, blogs etc.

P.S we have an entire page dedicated to what and how we help clients with Inbound Marketing in Dubai and we created a neat little infographic on content marketing in 2017

Why is Inbound Marketing important?

The amount of information that is being produced on a daily basis around the world by brands and content marketing agencies is humongous and the searchers have zillions of options on the internet to find the information that they are looking for.

In this case, a specifically targeted and carefully curated content would make the searchers interested in reading your content which will reduce bounce rate. Inbound marketing is one of the most effective ways to constantly generate leads and eventually positively impact the revenues of your company.

The fact is that the customer would only like to talk to sales once they are aware of the product/services and are ready to explore the possibilities to buy. Companies or content marketing agencies deploy techniques that would provide the exact information required by the searchers and make them interested in your products or services and would result in converting them as a lead in your sales pipeline.

4 most effective ways to make your Inbound Marketing work

Let us look at some of the most effective ways to make inbound marketing strategy work. A good content marketing agency would deploy these tricks to ensure the sales funnel receives quality leads at a constant pace.

Track just about everything (CRM)

Analytics and a good CRM tool will provide you with details and insights about your visitors, leads and clients. Inbound marketing is all about converting visitors to leads and leads to customers. These different segments of users need to be nurtured with information that is relevant and engaging.

The cherry on top is when your clients can turn into promoters. This means your inbound marketing activities are really working in your favor and providing you with the results that can drive your business on autopilot.

Add automation into your CRM by creating relevant rules and triggers that can send out newsletters and change content on your website based on the actions taken by users. But careful – don’t overdo it!

Be found organically (SEO)

Searchers would use search engines to find the information they seek using some of the keywords or phrases. For example, if a company based at Dubai or any other regions in UAE is looking for a digital or content marketing agency that does inbound marketing, they might search “inbound marketing agency in dubai“.

This will bring up the list of all the agencies in the region in the sequence of their ranking. In this situation, SEO would do the trick.

While creating your content, ensure that you are covering all specific keywords that your potential buyers would type while finding information on the internet. Ideally, the higher the ranking on search engine, better the chances of getting found by your target audience.

Be found everywhere (Blogging)

Your potential buyers won’t always know your website or social media pages. However, they would go to various blog sites, discussion forum and reference sites where they find the information they are looking for.

Presence on all of the above platforms would make you visible to your potential customers and would allow them to see, read, reflect and take an action on the information that you are providing. As your content gets read by a higher number of readers, it will start climbing up on the ranking.

Don’t be Salesy (Landing Pages)

Content marketing is not about selling your products or services online only. It is a subtle art of making sure your potential customers find the information they are looking for, find it interesting and are then inclined to take an action to get in touch with you.

Please do not push your product, but create value for your readers and help them solve the problems that they face.

Adding too many CTA or call to action points would only make you look too pushy or “salesy”. You need use the bottom of the sales funnel wisely as they will act as the first step to receive a qualified lead. Your call to action in your content should more of solving the problem than offering a product or services directly. Many content marketing agencies make a mistake by adding a buy button without justifying the purchase decision, which goes against the strategy.

How to get started with Inbound Marketing

Assuming you are ready to roll out your content marketing initiative. The first step is to ensure that you generate all the relevant contents keeping the SEO parameters in mind. Adding creative images to the contents would add value and make it more effective. Identify the places where your target audience hangs out or is found on the internet. Engage them at all levels and places.

And last but not the least, leave it to the experts and they will deliver better results. Hire an expert content marketing agency that would help you prepare a strategic approach to the entire process and execute the strategy to deliver better results.

Impacting your sales pipeline through effective content marketing

Creating relevant and useful content increases traffic to your website which results into generating a database of potential customers or prospects who are interested in your product or services. The right design of sales funnel would ensure that these prospects convert into leads. This is achieved best by having the right kind of lead magnets.

Lead magnets are pieces of information or a giveaway that would encourage leads to exchange their emails or contact information. The purpose of the lead magnets is to warm up the leads received through content marketing in the sales pipeline.

This would enable your sales team to get in touch with the leads and offer products or services that you offer and help close the sales by understanding what exactly your potential customers need.


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