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User experience & design

In the words of Steve Jobs, "Design is not only how it looks, it's how it works." - At Conceptualize, designing the experience comes first.

If productivity, brand, loyalty, and revenue matter to your company — then UX matters to your company.

Understanding the user journey & prototyping

"A prototype is worth a 1,000 meetings"

User experience is the overall experience of a person while using a product - especially in terms of how easy it was to find information and how pleasing it was to use it. An intuitive experience is directly and positively correlated to your conversion rate.

When we design website's or applications, our goal is to understand the business needs of the client and use that information to create a journey that speaks to the consume, integrating the website as part of the sales funnel. We create high fidelity prototypes to map the user journey and the user experience to better understand how we can boost the return on investment for the client.

Essentially, these prototypes become our scope of work.

User research and audit

Gather feedback from your end users to design what is necessary

Question everything - that is the golden rule. Conducting a quantitative and qualitative user research to fully understand user behavior and needs can be useful data to create interfaces that work.

At Conceptualize, we validate the prototype and gather user feedback. A pre-design survey generates validated data about what the consumer needs and thus, helps us create a user experience that speaks to the audience.

Web design is meaningless if it doesn't work with your technology

An overall understanding of the project, it's goals, the functionality and working of the application is necessary to create an experience that will work.

Our goal is to design what speaks to your target audience, represents your brand and creates a professional online presence.

UXD in dubai
UX design in dubai

Ethnographic research & user persona development

"A persona is the aspect of someone's character that is presented to or perceived by others." - A fictitious representative of a sectional part of real people in the society. It is an essential part in knowing the target audience and simplifies the process of marketing to them.

Basing your personas on ethnographic research helps in gaining a better notion of who your users are and what they actually want.

Ethnographic research and personas development

Designing user experiences for software systems

We love getting our hands dirty with your CRM, ERP, call center - the apps and software you fire up everyday. Because our work focuses on the systems that keep the lights on, we take great pride in getting it right.

We create interfaces for all kinds of applications. The logic behind creating any interface is always usability and how easy was it to get a task done. When designing for applications used by enterprises, our team dives deep into first understanding the processes and workflow.

We design interfaces and software that helps get work done faster and better.

Software Development

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